Friday, July 17, 2015


Well it's been 11 days since I splashed Jomfru and I've been working on systems including and especially the air conditioning. With all manner of small details to be handled including things like refiberglass the rudder tube, Which I quickly took care of this morning before the sun rise. Rebedding deck hardware Another thing I've been working on is riding the boat of any unnecessary items, materials, and tools. I didn't realize how much crap was hidden and stuffed in every single nook and cranny on this boat. I also have some personal issues family related going on right now. Very painful but I knew it was something that was in the future and the future is now unfortunately. The next major thing I'm gonna get online is the head. my issue with that is related to a black water holding tank, or lack there of one. Hey she's from 1971. She's Equipped with an electrasan, but that's not going to be good enough in Florida waters come next year, already actually. Which I guess is a good thing for future generations of boaters. Seems like now instead of the list getting smaller, It's getting bigger again. more more things that need doing now that she's back in the water. All I can do is remember that I'm human take a deep breath and take one day at a time and just try to accomplish one task ever day. It's very easy to get overwhelmed I have both seen it an experienced it personally. A negative attitude is a quick way to put an anchoring in progress. feeling bad about something your Working on doesn't make it any easier.