Monday, March 16, 2015

Loyal friends come in all shapes and sizes.

In the meager amount of time I've spent walking this earth, I have come to know one thing. Good loyal friends ARE hard to come by. With that said I dedicate this post to my wonderful dog, Tech. A.k.a. Tuie, teckeltuie, tutu, teckelton Jones Jr.😁 and the list goes on. This little creature has had the fortunate, unfortunate luck of being in my care since she could fit in my hand ✋ and it has been a pleasure being her owner and keeper.

This little dog has a real lust for life and the spirit of a dog 20 times larger. Everything from motorcycling to jetsking, she loves speed and is smart as any dumb human I know. Not to insult the dog.

I really look forward to actually sailing with her I'm sure she'll be a great first mate until a suitable human female counterpart can be found. Well thanks for reading, and don't forget, they love us as much or more than our own species.