Saturday, March 7, 2015

 There's something to be said about changing the scale of the things around you , even if only for a short time

we over come obstacles from before conception, if you hadn't been the winning sperm, you would not be reading this now. with that being said, the size and severity of the obstacles is relative to the individual. I'm saying this because over the last few weeks i have been spending quit a bit of time working on wonderfully large motor yachts. accomplishing all manors of task ranging from sanding and buffing to brush painting Awlgrip.
 Its not until you sand and sand and sand and then brush paint a 95 Westship, that you come to realize that a ''my'' 33 footer is NOT, that big a vessel to do the same type and quality of work on. Its when i began to think like this, that i started looking thru the eyes of a newbie.  standing there in front of a 30 plus year old boat with and all the nicks and dings that come with the age, the hardware needs rebedding and paints peeling, and you ask yourself am i going to just slap a coat of paint on and handle the cosmetics of it or am i going to do it right? in my case its always the right way