Thursday, April 16, 2015

Then to now...

it's been what now seems forever but Jomfru's finally getting ready togo back to the sea. Or at least splashed and floating again. It has been an exhausting and trying processed to say the least at this point. Most of my biggest fears and worries are behind me now. Make no mistake though I am still plagued with dozens of last minute details; thru hulls, Packing, zincs, etc The list goes on and on. Just having and maintaining a list means things are happening.

I have a few places Picked out already spots like boot Kay Harbor, Peanut Island, san blas. But in all reality I have no idea what the future holds in store for me, All I know is that my life on the boat Has already Begun, my life at sea is yet to come

The places and people I will see and meet, I can just Imagine, I look forward with eager anticipation. This is the new beginning. I really need this, I need this to grow, I need this for me.I welcome with open arms time to reflect on the past understand why things go the way they do, figure out how to take a more active part in the future.