Saturday, November 22, 2014

The remarinization of Jomfru's 4 cylinder Ford diesel

The remarinization of Jomfru's 4 cylinder Ford diesel, a 2712e base engine marinised originally by Bowman marine London, England in the very early 70's.

this little story is the one of how i became a diesel mechanic out of financial necessity more so than anything else. That and I've always liked taking shit apart, grandpa would call me "Dynamite" when i was little.

So when i first purchased Jomfru I was told the the engine had been started regularly. Along with the purchase, I negotiated the continued use of her current docked location. this put engine starting not so high on my list. Hell actually i was amazed that I owed the boat! never mind did it run who worries of such small details? lol.....
  With a few failed attempts at starting her, I came to to conclusion the she wasn't getting fuel. certainly I checked all the common causes of a hard starting diesel, from fuel level to air bleeding, filters and lift pump. turns out that she had sat a little longer than was said and the stop control leaver was stuck in the off position. I reinforced this idea during a test session when I was able to get it running by punching a few holes in a can and placing  it on the air intake with some diesel fuel.

                          It was during that same test starting session, that I discovered the true condition of the exhaust manifold, heat exchanger and header tank. after inquiring locally for injector pump rebuild prices "$1200-$1500 by the way" and the scarcity of available parts, I turned my focus on interior removal and getting Jomfru to a yard. 

old Bowman heat exchanger/ header tank

after a long time and many projects later it was finally time to get back to working on the engine. by now both you and i know its not going to be cheap, instead of just half assing back together a 40+ year old system, I decided my life and Jomfru were both worth more than that. So shopping we did go. "below I included some of the damage done to the bank account".

I would like to thank Brian Smith and the guys over at American Diesel Corp. VERY knowledgeable and  professional would recommend to anyone in need of info / parts.
The rest of the photos are of the painting and reassembly process along with a video or 2. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog. please email me if you have any questions comments or suggestions. as you could imagine i too have become fairly good with these engines.

Post by Ricardo Alberto Namias.



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