Saturday, November 15, 2014

life on the HARRRRD what the hell am I doing?

So its been a little over a year and a half, thousands of dollars and the end of a 4.5yr relationship since I moved aboard a Viksund named Jomfru. Shes a ketch rigged Norwegian double ended motorsailer, currently on the hard in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Something I thought would only take a few weeks or even a few months at best, has taken me about 2 years. I'll get into that later. As I near the end, or at least see a minute amount of light at the end of the tunnel. I've begun to reflect back on what made me star this crazy; long; expensive; heart breaking; character building; voyage in the first place.

it all started in about 2009 i believe .life had issued me a few bad hands after a seemingly good run. its important to know that up until now i pretty much got whatever i wanted , not to say i dont now but this comes about by diffrent means these days

so long story short i ended up sleeping on couches and floors of friends and family that without even a second thought opened their homes to me. it was while i stayed at my sissters house in homestead fl. that i made the decision to focus my life to move towards the sea.however before i could even think about a boat i had to pick myself up out of the rut i was in. until now i had always lived in beautiful houses or apartments, but i knew that was all going to change. with a few good breaks i made my way back out on my own, because of its affordability i began living in a storage unit also which doubled as my art studio, that too is another story.

One evening in December, 2010 by now, I was walking around the warehouse that my unit resided. I passed the open door of a mechanic which i was familiar with. We began to banter of this and that, when from the house across the street appeared a man which was a long time friend of the mechanic. We continued to chat for a while and I clearly remember saying "man I really want a sailboat". " I know somebody with a sailboat for sale" said the new comer. Turns out he did a Great lady named Sherry. And the rest is history, of course the story doesn't end there, but i have to leave something for next time.

Thanks for reading.