Friday, April 17, 2015

I never thought the end would be in sight. ~~_/)_~~

As I went for my predawn walk this morning, it dawned on me, i only had 2 major payments left. One was the final bill to the Marina and the other to the canvas guy for a full enclosure.

After that, it was just bits and pieces here and there. No major purchases are left. after so long, so much work I can't believe it, Finally it's really going to happen this time. Jomfru WILL go back to the water.

I still have to complete the interior but most of the major components have already been acquired and is a matter of cosmetics only. Some of the components already acquired are a 80 gallon a day water maker, 4 burner stove with oven, 2 central air conditioning units, a 38,000 btu instant hot water heater powered by propane, And much more.