Thursday, October 8, 2015

Today was starting to be a good day until...

I was laying in my berth looking out the porthole when some tiny little movement caught my eye. What? wait. Was that a little head breaking the surface every few seconds? It was a little duck chick 🐣. I promise you all I sprung into action as quickly as I could, but, to no avail. She was too far for me to reach, even with the longest pole I could find.😡 when he or she was close enough to reach I realized it was probably better to leave in peace and for me to not inflict any pain or hurt her body trying to revive her. I felt very low at that moment I realized I hadn't been quick enough to save her. I'm probably just stupid for caring about a tiny little duck. If you ever had a close call in the pool or at the beach you understand that her last few seconds of life were very frightening.

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